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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  July 25, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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l well, home business turned into a murder scene. tonight we have learned the name of the victim and more about the brutal attack that took her life. good evening, i'm keith garvin. chung yao. she was stabbed to death at her clic. an extensive investigation and one that has the community on edge. derek ward reports. >> the victim is 53-year-old chung yao, a resident at the home. there is an acupuncture clinic
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run out of the home. she was found bound and stabbed inside. >> we are waiting to hear from the medical examiner when the autopsy is done, the cause and maern of death. trauma to the upper body. >> investigators remain on the scene long after the victim's body was discovered friday afternoon. >> there was a lot of information, evidence available within the home. and the detectives are taking their team to methodically retrieve the evidence. there is after all one shot at obtaining the evidence properly so it can be used to help prosecute who ever we eventually find as the suspect in this case. >> the last time the victim was seen alive was earlier friday. she showed up at the restauran next door to her home business. she would send her patrons to the restaurant after treatment and later would go there herself to pay their restaurant bills. it speaks to the close knit korean community in annandale to which the victim belonged. members are following the incident and ensuing investigation closely. they met briefly to discuss the
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murder. >> for the community. and we wish like help from the police. and -- this is -- very shocking to us. i hope this never happen again. >> in annandale, derek ward, news 4. investigators hope the video surveillance inside the clinic and on adjacent buildings will aid in their investigations. a sheriff's deputy haseen upgraded to stable condition after a crash that killed a teenage girl. it happened yesterday morning, at route 4 and apple way. the deputy was responding to a call when his cruiser smashed into another car. the 18-year-old driver was killed. she was a recent high school graduate. president obama is keeping up his push for health care reform. now he is targeting small businesses in his appeal. in his weekly address, the president cited a recent report by the council of economic advisers. and claims his plan will help strengthen small businesses.
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>> up to 18% more for the very same health insurance plans. costs that eat into their profits. and get passed on to their employees. this is unsustainable. unacceptable. and it is going to change when i sign health insurance reform into law. >> republicans arguehe high cost of the president's plan will actually hurt small businesses. tuesday they planned a round table to discuss struggles small businesses are facing. meanwhile, president obama will host a black scholar at the white house along with the police officer who arrested him. harvard professor henry gates accepted the invitation so has sergeant crowley. gates was arested while trying to force his way into his own home. an incident he called racially motivated. mr. obama fueled the national debate by saying, police "acted stupidly" but the president is now trying to diffuse the controversy. they call it a global day of action, and cities worldwide protestors are demonstrating
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against the crackdown on opposition activists. groups look human rights watch and amnesty international are backing today's demonstration. protests are being held in more than 80 cities. d.c. one of the places protestors are turning out. darcy spencer joins us live from the national mall with the very latest. hello. well, protestors have set up a stage behind me on the national mall, basically getting ready for the event which starts at 6:15 this evening. already you can see protestors have started to show up here on the mall. they want to draw attention to human rights abuses taking place in iran. earlier they were protesting on k street then marched here. earlier they had the same message. outside the united nations offices on k street northwest, protestors lined up. to draw attention to the continued post election violence in iran. a protestor is covering her face because of personal safety concerns.
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i would like a re-election. not complete re-election. not a recount. that's what we want. we think we have a right to that. protestors are condemning human rights abuses committed by the iranian government following the re-election of mahmoud ahmadinejad june 12. protestors claim he stole the election through fraud. she fled iran with her family 30 years ago and came to the protests with her daughter and granddaughter. >> this is the first opportunity that we can voice our -- opposition to what is going on. >> ahmadinejad doesn't have -- popularity, nobody likes him. he is just that he is -- >> i was 8 years old when i left iran. i remember the anguish that my parents went through. to leave their country. and after 30 years, i think it is important for -- for us to voice our concern.
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>> d.c. is among more than 50 cities where global day of action rallies are being held across the world to condemn the violence and the election results. some 20 people were killed in clashes with security officers in the post election violence, and hundreds were arrested. we heard a lot today from iranian americans people who have friends and relatives living in iran. there is concern for their safety. they want to give a voice to the people. they may not feel like they can speak out in their own country. as we said they're setting up here for the protests with the state. also, protesters lining up here. they're going to have numerous speakers as well as poets and music starting at 7:00. the event will wrap up at 8:00 tonight. reporting live from national mall. darcy spencer, news 4. back to you. >> thank you. still ahead on news 4 at 6:00. a rumble for richmond. the gubernatorial debate. why they say they're the best choice. twist in the michael jackson death investigation. why workers at the coroner's office are now facing questions.
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and sarah palin's final hours as alaska governor. why you haven't heard the last of her. steve? and weatherwise. do have a loon of thunderstorin approaching the area. what does that mean for your sunday? >> sports, amanda beard shows her skills. tacoma park. and fred funk tries to hold on to the lead at the british senior open. plus one of the most amazing hole in ones you will ever see. we'll show it to you when news 4 at 6:00 continues. i ner thought it could happen to me...
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workers at l.a. coroners office are facing questions about michael jackson's death. authorities looking into whether workers sold or leaked information. the sheriff's department calls it a preliminary inquiry. wednesday the coroner's office said jackson's death certificate was improperly viewed by at least a half dozen employees who had no role in investigating the coughs his death. three rehabilitated bald eagles released into the wild today in virginia. >> one, two, three! whoa! beautiful sight there. congressman jim moran on hand for today's release. at the park in lorton. ekeles all found injured in the past two months. they were treated by wildlife center of virginia in the
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valley. why a slow ride if you are heading to the beach this weekend. why astronauts are dealing with a traffic jam at the international space station. r?att.ld we be in for stormy steve's focast creing up next.wó
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beautiful day for a trip to the beach. effortly, too many people have the same idea. eastbound traffic. bay bridge. backed up by nine miles this afternoon. and delays were started before
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annapolis. near exit 92 the now to virginia's race for governor. today's big topics were taxes, jobsand transportation. neither candidate would commit to raising taxes to solve the backlog of highway colonstructi projects. bodi csteda c accused each other of beingnhe t extreme end theirhe respective parties. the event was sponsored by the virginia bar association. today was the alaska governor sarah palin's last day in office. she shocked the political world with her resignation earlier this month. tomorrow she hands over the reins to her lieutenant-governor. is it the last we will see of palin. >> our courageous military and their families. >> sarah palin's farewell tour. >> from the bottom of my heart, especially, this being my last time to speak to valley community as your governor, i do
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want to tell you sincerely that i love you, i appreciate you, and your support, the support that you have shown my family. ♪ 'o say does that >> at a series of pick knicksni is saying good-bye to her constituents and duties as the state's chief executive preparing to hand the office over to her lieutenant-governor three weeks after the shocking announcement she would step down. >> it would be an theti pap -- >> since then palin has spent time on the water. >> you are not listening to me why i wouldn't finish the final year in office without costing the state millions of dollars. >> at a picnic in her hometown, friday she offered no more insight. >> i want to take my time at podium. >> it seems politics was all any one else could talk about.
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>> we want you as our commander-in-chief. >> the crowd had ideas. analysts say a run for president could be a tough road. >> she has big problems, very, very high negatives among independent and democratic voters. >> among those who came out to say good-bye to palin as governor she is still a star. shaking hand, snapping pictures. >> god bless you. god bless america. >> and looking anything but like some one who is planning to fade from the spotlight. palin will officially step down as ceremony in fairbanks sunday. after the space walks, astronauts on space shuttle vo"endeaur" got much needed off time today. >>. ♪ i see the light >> smooth sound of peter ga gabrielle. 13 astronauts in orbit. and the international space
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station. ndat led to complaints about long lines for the restroom. check out theie vw from space. piureesom cromhe tom newly refurbished thel sc e comet or atol cdlide with jupiter. itre catedli a debris field the size of earth. possibly creating a traffic jam of a different kind. >> wow. >> yeah, pictures from space. great to see. >> hubble telescope. worth its weight in gold. >> yeah, ah, worth quite a bit of gold, matter of fact. >> all right. hot day today. >> it was. >> the weather? >> i did. july. you know, you expect it. >> definitely finally got july weather in july. go figure. good evening, everyone. yeah, warm day today. we jumped into the low 90s. it was very humid. now we have a loon of thunderstorms moving across the area, these storms are producing heavy rains and gusty winds. and even some small hail. now tomorrow, we have a front that will approach the area. once again during the afternoon could see some showers and
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storms. some of those could be on the strong to severe side. all right, with that said. let's take you outside. show you what is going on. ahead of the front. ahead of the thunderstorms. it was pretty today. lots of sunshine out there. it was quite warm. looks look a pretty comfortable evening. if you look warm weather. 88 right now. partly cloudy. little breezy o there with wind gusts, 24 miles an hour. and today we hit 91 degrees. temperaturewise. here is what is happening on live digital doppler. all right. so we are dry here in the district. off to the west though this is where we have some showers. and some thunderstorms. you can see the thunderstorms basically from the mason dix on line down to i-84. sliding towards the i-95 corridor. weakening and nonetheless do have a history of producing small hail, heavy rain and gusty wind. i think once they move through, push towards the bay that's when they'll start to die down a little bit as the air closer to the bay is a bit more stable. all right. to the north. that's where we could have
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severe weather from pennsylvania into looked like upstate new york. in fact. a tornado warning right now in upstate new york. we have severe weather. chances of severe weather back towards kentucky. now the actual front. still well to the west. front is right here. these thunderstorms are popping up well ahead of the frontal band. ahead of the front. southwesterly flow which is bringing in the humid weather. going to see this again tomorrow. now, for tomorrow, we do have the slight risk of seeing some severe weather from maryland out towards the eastern shore. and up towards new england. something we'll watch. frontal band for this evening. mix of cloud. stars. upper 80s. next couple hours. tomorrow, there is the front. makes its way to the area. showers, storms. during the afternoon hours. some on the strong to severe side. the front in fact stakes round for monday. then we can see some active weather then too. all right. so here is the situation then. for this evening. some spotty showers out toward the bay.
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thunderstorms from the beltway westward. your sunset at 8:25. temperatures for the next couple of hours in the upper 80s. then for tomorrow. mix of sun and cloud. warm and humid. just look today. with tempe a90 rounat90 degrees. duringteheaf rnoon with the daytime thhe front ming in we could have showers and aiunderstorms. and again. some of them could be on the strong to severe side. for tomorrow. 90, some afternoon storms. 40% chance. likewise monday. still warm, humid. i think tuesday. wednesday. dry. but still warm and humid. we're going to be dealing with humid weather. the entire week. >> thanks, man. >> ahead in sports. fred funk tries to avoid a shark on his heels. =÷c
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things still funky toward the top of the leader board. following fred funk. doing well. fell off the space. another shark came in stole the show. yeah. as we know the british open breaks hearts. last year, greg norman was in line to become the oldest to win the tournament. last week, tom watson nearly claimed that title. this weekend, could be consolation for a man they call shark. lead the senior british open. 10 under par. one stroke ahead of second round leader and fred funk. third round action from scotland. fred funk. here he is. the best two round score. on the 11th. drains the putt.
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up and down day for funk. on the very next hole. this is for bogey. and -- the ball rims out. funk taps it in for double bogey finishes at two over. only trails by one stroke. the shark he was feeling it today. greg norman. in attack mode. all afternoon. here on the par 3, 13th. his tee shot, solid. gets it. nice and close to the hole. he would knock it in for birdie. he was just moving along. then on 15. norman with the birdie putt. gets this to go. snoreman shot a 64. ten under par. leads the senior british open by one stroke going into tomorrow's final round. let's go to ontario. canadian open. shot of the year. american leif olsen teeing off. ball lands on the green. this is ridiculous. it hits another player's ball. and goes in for a hole in one. are you kidding me? then get this, olsen also in to
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bmw, z-4 roadster. nice for making that shot. not a bad day for him. bad baseball. what agitated nationals all season long. last night more of the same. playing the second worst team in the big leagues. nats committed four errors. now have 94 of them. that stat leads the league. this is padres pitcher, matt leitos, born in alexandria. facing christian guzman. don't want to go there. mistake in the zone. guzman crushes it to center for a home run. thats could the lead. and settled down. gave up two runs. got his first major league win. top four. 2-1, ball game. pitching to kyle blankton. breaks his bat. goes flying into the stands. meantime, the ball is out in front of the plate for josh barton. no, drops it. he was mad. next batter. wouldn't you know it. a guy that doesn't hit a lot of home runs. hittingecond baseman.
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luis rodriguez makes it hurt. drives one high and deep to right. that's out for a home run. and rodriguez, 2-4 on the night. three rbis. bottom seventh. and nats trail 6-2. and the bases full. they loset 6-2 the final. >> just cannot play that sloppy and have that many errors through this point of the season. and just say well that is baseball. that's -- you know that is okay. they're trying. you know? that's not fair to the fans who come out here and buy the tickets. >> interim manager, jim rigleman. 40 under 500. turning to basketball. wnba all-star. connecticut. elaina beard put on a show. start second quarter. east team in white. watch katie douglas with the nice dish to a cutting elaina beard. flips it up and in. count it. beard playing wellen her fourth
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all-star game. and also one of the best on defense. second in the league in steals. doing what she does best. picks off the pass. takes it the other way for 2 of 14 points. had a heck of a game. end of the game. west up big. they clear the lane for sylvia. she wants to dunk. but she misses it. no problem. they give her a second chance. and, this time, well -- she does it right. throws it down big. however the west win it 130-118. the highest scoring wnba all-star game ever. tour de france isn't over. but it is over. alberto is so far ahead of the pack all he has to do is not drop the celebratory glass of champagne riding into paris tomorrow. seven time champ lance armstrong will likely finish in third place. and check this out. cyclists, had to watch out for the crud todowd. they get so close trying to give
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high fives down the stretch. th man, juan manu echl l wins stage 20. and the overall lead. finishes along lance armstrong. he retains the yellow jersey and holds a commanding lead heading into tomorrow's final stage. >> coming out of retirement. third place, lang armstrong. not bad. get back on the bike. >> he is a senior. >> 35 yet, a senior. boy. >> that is our news. see you again n as"s next. see you again at 11:00. have a good night.
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